GISEV Family Office was born from the alliance between a single family’s legacy of Family Advisors and the present generation of a historical Entrepreneurial Family which results in a synergy between tradition and innovation.

Mario Germano Giuliani, Giammaria Giuliani
Founders, GISEV Family Office

“We represent the fourth generation of an entrepreneurial family who has always believed in innovation, quality and research. Over time, we turned research into the main focus of our business by challenging the new frontiers of biotechnology. Today, we are recognized worldwide for our ability to create value through innovation which in turn proves the nature of our family’s DNA.”

Achille G. Severgnini
Founder, GISEV Family Office

“Since 1911, starting from my great-grandfather Achille, the progenitor, passing onto my grandfather Guido, my father Oreste and my uncles Mario and Carlo, my family has stood shoulder to shoulder with important entrepreneurial dynasties, who have led Italy’s economic development over the last 100 years. Since then, we have facilitated the execution of their strategic vision providing tax and legal, financial, administrative and organizational advice not only to protect their fortunes but to pass it down to the next generation based on the appropriate Family Governance structures we set up. These same long term trust-based relationships and values drive our commitment in interpreting the needs of our clients in today’s context.”